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Many traditional businesses start out by sending paper based mailshots to their customers. With the cost of each stamp alone being more than 25p, this makes the cost of contacting your customers a very real expense. Scale that up to say, 10,000 customers and you have a very costly way of keeping in touch.


Imagine being able to contact ALL your customers for 1 low fixed fee...


Email marketing by Internetology provides a modern solution to this problem.

For a fixed fee of only £80 per email, we will design a unique HTML email just for you and tailor your message into it.

All links back to your website are tracked and you can view live stats via the online statistics system.


It's so easy because there's...
  • No contract or 'maintenance' fee
  • No limit to the number of customers
  • No software for you to install
  • No technical skills needed
  • No design skills required
  • A single cost per email sent
  • A web based tracking system


Some examples
How do I sign up?


That's easy!

Simply contact us and we'll take care of the rest.


All we'll need is some examples of your current company imagery / logo and the details of what you want including in your first email!

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Common Questions

  1. Do you charge per email sent?
  2. Can I just have a template designed?
  3. Why shouldn't I just send with Outlook?
  4. How do you manage bounces?
  5. More questions? Contact us

Do you charge per email sent?

No. We strongly recommend you set up an AuthSMTP account which allows us to send the emails on your behalf.

This is the most economical way we have found to send anything from 500 to 5 million emails a month

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Can I just have a template designed?

Of course! Whilst there are a range of 'pre-built' templates available commercially, none of these will accurately reflect your corporate identity

We can design a template using your logo and imagery for you to use on you own HTML emails

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Why shouldn't I just send with Outlook?

When you send emails you want each recipient to get just one email rather being part of a cc'd group (this looks unprofessional).

Our email marketing service guarantees 1 email per person and lets you track who's opened and clicked what link in the email.

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How do you manage bounces?

We identify both 'soft' (delivery delayed messages) and 'hard' (message undeliverable) bounces and automatically update the mailing list to prevent sending to these addresses again.

See the page on link building for more information.

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Website Package Deal

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