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Brochure Web Design

Brochure web design is basically any website that is not required to sell products. For that you need our ecommerce web design.


A brochure website can be any of the following;-

  1. A small website with just a few pages enabling your customers to find you on the web and get in contact.
  2. A business site detailing products and services and other information.
  3. A corporate website with bespoke features such as image galleries, blogs and online tools.
  4. Any combination of the above!

Whatever the type of brochure website, large or small, Internetology can develop a solution to fit your needs. Together with search engine optimisation on every page and our strict policy to only create standards compliant websites you can also be sure your website will look the same whichever browser your customers use.


Content Management

Just because you have a brochure website doesn't mean that you can't maintain the content yourself. Internetology use a variety of solutions to allow you to maintain control of the text and image content on your site whenever YOU want to.


What's more, in order to be as flexible as possible, these solutions are all web based meaning that you can edit your website from any computer with an internet connection.

FREE updates to websites

For those of you that don't want to get involved with making your own changes, we have a very competitive system for updating websites... basically if a change to your site takes up to 15 minutes or so - it will always be free of charge.

If a change is likely to take longer, we'll estimate the time required and only charge you for what time is actually spent.


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Common Questions

  1. I don't want to make changes myself - can you do it for me?
  2. What do you charge for making changes to a website?
  3. Are there any ongoing 'maintenance' fees?
  4. What is a Link Building campaign?

I don't want to make changes myself - can you do it for me?

Yes. If you send us through the changes that you require, if they take less than 15 minutes they will be done free of charge.

Other changes will only be billed for the time it takes to implement them.

LArger scale changes will be given a job estimate before work commences

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What do you charge for making changes to a website?

Only the time it takes to do them.

Unless of course it's less then 15 minutes in which case it's free!

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Are there any ongoing 'maintenance' fees?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in only charging our customers for work that we actually do rather than in a monthly fee.

The only regular monthly fee we charge is for our link building service.

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What is a Link Building campaign?

A link building campaign invloves the development of 'off site' content generation containing links back to your website

Links will created to a variety of pages on your site to aid in 'deep linking' to your content

See the page on link building for more information.

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Website Package Deal

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