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Section 1 - General Information  
Roughly how many pages do you anticipate your site having?
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What style are you thinking of for the site?
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Names / web addresses of other websites you like the look of.
Section 2 - Online shopping  
Are you going to be selling items online?

If so, roughly how many products will you have?
Can you currently take credit card payments?

Any features an online store MUST have?
(e.g. live stock control etc)
Section 3 - Database features  
Do you require an online database?
(leave blank if you are requesting a quote for an e-commerce store)

Please supply a brief overview of the information to be stored and how it is to be retrieved.
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Section 4 - Your Business  
Please tell us about your business so that we can tailor the solution we recommend specifically to you.
Section 5 - Budget  
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